DairyFlo® is the latest ruminant blend from Adams & Green.

A cheaper, palm oil free soya derived alternative to traditional ruminant blends developed predominantly for cattle and sheep to help reduce feed costs. DairyFlo® handles in the same way as existing palm based alternatives, helps reduce dust and doesn't require heat for storage. It's sweet taste is also a benefit for palatability of the finished feed.

Leciol - Feed Innovation from Adams and Green

Adams and Green have developed a Lecithin Based feed ingredient called Leciol®. Designed specifically for the UK market, Leciol® promotes animal health, growth rates and can lower feed costs by fully replacing existing palm based fat blends and crude soya bean oil. The main applications include poultry diets, pig diets and pet food.

PhytoLipoGenics® - A new concept in animal health.

Developed in cooperation with Marvesa BV, PhytoLipoGenics® (PLG) is an exciting new concept aimed at assisting feed producers to quickly and effectively respond to animal health issues on farm. Based on short and medium chain fatty acids, PhytoLipoGenics® (PLG) promote gut health and can be custom formulated, load by load, on feedback from farm.

Liquid Feed Fats

Adams and Green produce a range of liquid feed fats and oils including Lino 20 for pig and poultry feed and palm oil products for ruminant feed. Adams and Green only use GMQ (Good Merchantable Quality) crude palm oil as defined in the GMP+ Feed Certificate Scheme handbook. We do not use high FFA crude palm oil. This ensures feed safety, palatable feed and a more open and transparent supply chain back to origin. There is also an option to source fully segregated (SG) sustainable palm oil.

Omega 3 Fish Oil

Adams and Green supply a high grade fish oil with a minimum of 17% DHA/EPA combined. This can be supplied in bulk, IBC’s or as part of a customer specific blend.

Feed Glycerol 80

A consistently sourced raw material and cost effective alternative to palm based fats in compound feed production. Feed Glycerol 80 can also be used in pet food production and calf diets. It is supplied in bulk and IBC’s.

Vegetable Oils

Adams and Green supply a range of raw materials such as crude soyabean oil, crude rapeseed oil and vegetable fatty acids that can meet all our feed customer needs. We work closely with our customers to secure the best cost option for optimising feed formulations.