Leciol Customer Feedback

Further feedback about Leciol has been received from a satisfied customer:

“Leciol was introduced by Adams and Green in November 2015 as a replacement for crude soya bean oil in the majority of our poultry diets. Performance within our broiler division has been very satisfactory during the period we have been using Leciol. No adverse performance was experienced as we increased the levels of Leciol in place of crude soya bean oil. We have maintained the use of soya bean oil in our early diets. Overall the economic benefits of using Leciol have been very positive.

The technical input from Adams and Green has been to a high standard as per our historical experience with regular visits to support the nutritional formulation and help to ensure the processing and practical implications of changing from crude soya bean oil to Leciol all went smoothly.

In summary, we are pleased with the excellent new product development from Adams and Green and hope to continue its use for the foreseeable future.”

Look out for the Adams and Green tanker fleet that now bear the Leciol branding (see image on right)

Leciol – Feed Innovation from Adams and Green

Adams and Green are delighted with the continued success of Leciol, an innovative feed ingredient. This innovative natural feed helps improve livestock health and growth rates as it makes nutrients such as fats and oil easier to digest.

Oils and fats are a small component of compound feeds, but are extremely important and this new ingredient, designed for use with pig and poultry feeds helps to improve their effectiveness. A number of scientific studies show improved fat digestion, better feed conversion and even enhanced tenderness of meat.

We give our customers the best quality and safest feed products so that their livestock is as healthy as it can be. We work closely with customers to identify their requirements and we have developed Leciol as a result. This innovative product is a consistently sourced and produced feed ingredient, delivered from our FEMAS assured facility in Hull. It is an excellent source of dietary phospholipids, Vitamin E and Choline. As an additional benefit, using Leciol can also lower feed costs versus other feed fats.

Driver of the Year Awards

For the second time in 2 years, Adams & Green are proud to announce that one of our drivers was shortlisted for the Driver of the Year Awards.

Mark Close, who has been part of the team since 2011, reached the final 3 in the Medium Distance category. There are 5 categories in all – Short/Medium/Long distance, Driver Excellence and Overall Driver of the year. Mark won a Porsche Race Day at Silverstone together with the other finalists.

Mark attended the awards dinner at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry. Unfortunately, he was pipped at the post and did not win.

The data was collated and analysed from over 120,000 drivers in the UK and used in conjunction with manager feedback. It proves that Mark’s driving standard and attitude has been consistently excellent since 2016 and he is now ranked as one of the top 15 drivers in the country.

It is still a fantastic achievement and we are proud to have such a driver on the team.

Learn about UK Egg Production

The EU banned barren battery cages for egg production a few years ago. Many UK farms have invested in the enriched colony system. The following link shows what one of Adams & Green’s customers, K Fresh Ltd, have done. There is also good background information about egg production including a series of YouTube videos.


Argentina Trip

Robert and Daniel visited Adams & Green suppliers in Argentina in March taking several customers along. Building strong, long term relationships in Argentina is key to securing reliable, feed safe raw materials and introducing end users gave our suppliers important insight into the needs of UK feed mills and users. Our customers also gained valuable knowledge and understanding of the soya bean growing, crushing and shipping infrastructure in Argentina.

Anaerobic Digester Progress

Commissioning has now taken place at the Brocklesby Biogas Anaerobic Digester at the site in North Cave.

Dioxin and pesticide test results now available online

Adams and Green have created a unique customer login area to provide online access to all finished product dioxin and pesticide residue analysis. The download is the independent laboratory analysis from Nofalab, sorted by the batch number quoted on the delivery documents.

This innovative development demonstrates Adams and Green’s commitment to quality assurance, transparency, and ease of access to important quality assurance data.

To get access please send a login request to sales@adamsandgreen.com or contact us by telephone and we shall send you a login user name and password.

Thanks for your continued support and feedback and look out for further developments and updates in the near future.

Adams and Green Feed Assurance

We are pleased to present our updated FEMAS certificate following our successful audit in March. This can be found in the quality section of the website.

Adams and Green Launch New Website

Welcome to Adams and Green new website.

Please take a look around our re-designed website with new information about our product range and updated information about our industry-leading quality standards. The website has been re-designed to allow for full usability of mobile and tablet devices.

There is also a news and reports section where you can access and download the latest market information and news to help and support your understanding of the vegetable oil raw material markets and make good buying decisions. Earlier access to these reports is available by signing up to the mailing list.

Please look out for further developments including a customer portal for real-time access to certificates of analysis and quality assurance data. Thank you for your continued feedback and support.